Friday, August 3, 2007

An old survey, filched from Sugarbutch

my favorite way to come is: sobbing in ecstasy as he fucks it out of me with his fingers.

the way I come the hardest is: the most intense orgasm I've yet had was while high, as he held my inner lips tightly and licked my clit as hard as he could. I *never* come like that -- it blew my mind.

what I think about to tip myself over the edge: his eyes boring into mine, his voice urging me on as my nipples are relentlessly pinched and twisted and my clit is, too.

what scenario I imagine when I'm alone: being restrained and made to come over and over (in my fantasy I can come as easily and as hard as I like...which is to say, easily and HARD).

what I crave: to turn off my inner monologue and give in to him completely, to feel overpowered by something bigger and stronger than myself, to lose myself for a time in our own little world -- to feel utterly dominated. Sexually, I most want to be fisted. I've never been, though we've tried, and I want it so badly.

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